The wooden Number Coins at Reverie Craft with a peg underneath is designed to be fit perfectly into our Hundred Board. Pair with our Alphabet Coins, Fraction Coins, and Multiplication Coins for even more creative ways to play and learn.


Some ideas to use them to practice number and math skills :

• Order them from greatest to least or vice versa  

• Place only even or odd numbers on the board

• Place only multiples on the board, focusing on times tables (for example, 3, 6, 9, 12, etc) 

  • Play an adding game with dice. Start by placing the number 1 on your frame. Roll the dice, add the number to 1, and then place that number coin on the board. Roll again, add the number on the dice to the last number coin, and place the sum number coin on the board. Continue until you reach the end of the frame
  • Play the same game for subtraction, start with the greatest number and take away the number on the dice


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  • 100 wooden coins (2.5cm diameter) numbered from 1 to 100


*The first photo represents this product, the others are for reference only. The Hundred Board pictured is to show how to use the coins and can be purchased separately.


About the Craftsmen :

From Jennifer is a family business that creates unique and timeless handmade educational wooden toys of heirloom quality, designed to inspire and help children learn literacy, math and more in fun and creative ways.


Inspired by their five children, each original creation is practical, easy to use, and offers multiple ways for children of different age to play and learn, the excellent woodwork quality and design also adds beauty to your home. The collection of wooden treasures are must-haves for every home with little learners. Reverie Craft is thrilled to share the wonderful handmade educational wooden toys of From Jennifer with discerning parents in Australia and worldwide.

1-100 Number Coins





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