This bowl and plate set is as charming and elegant as the blossoming flowers, instantly glam up any food and make them more appetizing. Made with bamboo and eco-friendly bio-plastic (from biomass of natural materials such as bamboo, corn starch, rice, wheat), this non-toxic exquisite dinnerware is beautiful inside and out, perfect for any precious little ones to enjoy their meal in style and get started on dining etiquette.


Age : 0 years old to adult


Includes :

  • A Blossom Bowl in blue (L20 x W20 x H2.3cm)  
  • A Blossom Plate in white (L15 x W15 x H1.3cm)


Temperature Resistance, Wash & Care :

  • Blossom Bowl, Blossom Plate : suitable for -30 to 140°C, microwave and dishwasher safe
  • Transparent adhesive base of Blossom Bowl : suitable for -25℃ to 99℃, not microwave and dishwasher safe


*The first two photos represent this product, the others are for reference only.

Blossom Bowl & Plate Set - Blue





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