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The beautifully painted watercolor flash cards at Reverie Craft are full of nature's delights and grows with your children beyond learning their alphabets. Each card has 3 amazing facts on the back about the animal / plant. So not only are you teaching letter recognition and the alphabets but explaining about mammals, herbivores, hibernation and much, much more.


All the original artwork was completely inspired by talented artist Jo Collier's daughter's overwhelming sense to learn and love of nature. These are a learning tool and young children must be supervised with them.


Includes : 26 reversible flash cards in a calico drawstring bag


Size : cards - 10.5W x 14.8Lcm ; drawstring bag - 15W x 21Lcm


Materials : 350gsm card stock with a matt laminate finish, to help with those sticky fingers. Printed in Australia


Recommended age: 3+

Nature's Alphabets Flash Cards