SumBlox is an amazing versatile set for 2 - 12+ years old to learn through play in fun and engaging ways, it is a building block set and learning resource all in one, giving a unique and valuable visual experience for understanding and exploring the fundamental concepts of numbers and math. It also promotes self-correction, which is a key Montessori concept for children to learn effectively through own experience. With hands-on discovery, children explore new ideas for themselves.


The SumBlox Building Blocks Starter Set (27 Pieces) at Reverie Craft is designed to teach children a wide range of mathematical skills through play. Each block is reflective of its numerical value — the higher the number, the taller the block. When stacking the block towers next to each other, however you stack them, the tower height would match if the sum of the blocks is the same. Learning the numbers, counting, adding, subtracting, multiplying, fractioning and much more is as simple as stacking blocks — a well loved activity for kids of all age. 


Younger children will enjoy stacking them and exploring their shapes which promote number recognition and help them easily understand the concept of values, while practicing hand-eye coordination & motor skills. Pre-schoolers and school age children will enjoy exploring and understanding how some basic math concepts work and use the blocks to help solve simple equations or validate their answers. The big and chunky blocks are also great for making wonderful creations for imaginative and small world play, such as bridges, walls, and marble runs.


A Math Guide and a set of Activity Cards are included in this set to offer some games and lesson ideas to start the exploration. Each card has an illustrated front for kids to follow and a set of step-by-step teaching instructions on the back to aid parents/teachers.


This quality set includes 27 solid hardwood beech blocks, with :
- 10 “1” blocks
- 2 each of the “2”, “3”, “4", “5", “6", “7", “8” and “9” blocks
- 1 “10” block
- 1 Math Guide


Our SumBlox is also available in a Home Set (43 pieces), which is great to add additional blocks to this Starter Set.

SumBlox Building Blocks Starter Set (27 Pieces)





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