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The uppercase / lowercase alphabet puzzle at Reverie Craft handcrafted with durable hardwood are the best heirloom quality puzzles you’ll find on the market. The irresistibly smooth solid wood and round edge are gorgeous for children of different age to discover, play and learn with alphabets!


Our puzzles comes in maple hardwood baseboard and walnut letters, you may choose the option to change the vowels "A,E,I,O,U" to cherry hardwood to facilitate little ones to distinguish the vowels and work on pronunciation.


Some ideas to play and learn with this puzzle :

  • Trace or crayon rubbing the alphabets to learn their shape and formation
  • Form words to practice spelling and pronounciation
  • Fill the baseboard with materials such as felt balls, dyed rice, dried peas, cheerios or stones


Size :

Uppercase : 23.5 x 46.5cm (Alphabets : 6cm H x 2cm D)

Lowercase : 25.5 x 41cm (Alphabets : 4-6cm H x 2cm D)


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About the Craftsmen :

From Jennifer is a family business that creates unique and timeless handmade educational wooden toys of heirloom quality, designed to inspire and help children learn literacy, math and more in fun and creative ways. Inspired by their five children, each original creation is practical, easy to use, and offers multiple ways for children of different age to play and learn, the excellent woodwork quality and design also adds beauty to your home. The collection of wooden treasures are must-haves for every home with little learners. Reverie Craft is thrilled to share the wonderful handmade educational wooden toys of From Jennifer with discerning parents in Australia and worldwide.

Uppercase / Lowercase Alphabet Puzzle