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A whimsical toy with unlimited potential for open-ended, imaginative, role-playing play that helps with development of speech, creativity, social skills, empathy, and self-confident. 


A magical wand with a star that symbolizes unlimited dreams, let your child think wider, dream bolder, and think outside the box with their imagination.


Size : 25 x 7 x 2cm

Material : Solid lime wood with non-toxic water-based paint


• 100% handmade

• Our toys are not coated with lacquer to preserve wood texture

• Toys should not be submerged in water

• Wipe with damp cloth to clean

• Actual colors may vary from pictures due to variance of unique wood features and individual monitor colors settings

• Any lines, knots, and small marks are indications of natural wood’s uniqueness and beauty, but not a defect

Star Magic Wand